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School closed for day after water leaks

A water leak in Congleton meant students at Eaton Bank Academy were learning from home on Monday.

Supplies to properties around town were also cut off following a leak on Jackson Road, near the school. It was later compounded by a secondary leak, also on the same road.

As United Utilities engineers worked to repair the burst, a fleet of water tankers arrived in Congleton to top up supplies in the mains network.

It is understood water supplies were lost at around 9pm on Sunday.

On Monday morning, Eaton Bank Academy posted on its website: “School is closed today (9th October) due to a loss of water. Please see website for online learning.”

Customers were told on Monday morning: “The cause of a loss of supply or low pressure is because of a secondary leak on Jackson Road.

Shortly before 1.30pm an update said: “We are still working hard to fix the issue, in the meantime a fleet of tankers is replenishing supplies to the system. All customers should have some supplies but with reduced pressure that will fluctuate throughout the day.”

A United Utilities spokesperson told the Chronicle: “Our engineers repaired a burst on Jackson Road earlier this morning, and are now responding to a secondary leak.

“Unfortunately this means some customers may be experiencing poor pressure or no water.

“Our water on wheels tankers are in the area to help keep taps flowing while we carry out the repair, and we apologise for any inconvenience.”

One of the areas that lost its water supply was Fern Crescent. Customers there were sent an update from United Utilities at around 5.40pm on Monday, which said: “We’ve now fixed the leak affecting water supplies in your area. You may still see us out in the area as we work to refill the water main and get customers in the area back on supply. This may take a bit of time, as this will need to be done gradually in order to avoid any additional damage occurring on the pipework.

“Our water tankers will also remain in the area supporting customers’ supplies while we recharge the water main. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this to ensure everything returns to normal. Thank you for your patience and we’re sorry for any inconvenience.”

• The water company is still trying to trace a leak in Scholar Green after several weeks.

Tankers are parked outside Litte Moreton Hall while engineers hunt for the leak. The “Chronicle” understands that United Utilities has started digging up fields in an attempt to find the leak, which has left Scholar Green residents facing water issues for some weeks.

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