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Tai chi and wellbeing in The Quinta arboretum

The 28-acre Lovell Quinta Arboretum in Swettenham is offering people the chance to give their wellbeing an extra boost with outdoor tai chi classes.

Tai chi is a form of moving meditation, and benefits can include decreased stress and anxiety, improved balance and core strength, posture and muscle tone and increased flexibility.

The arboretum plans to hold classes outdoors (subject to weather) this summer in beautiful, natural surroundings, the perfect environment for learning the many benefits of the ancient Chinese art.

Classes are suitable for students of all ages and levels and will be led by experienced instructor and martial arts gold medallist Dave Bailey, who has been a practitioner for more than 20 years, teaching the Wudang style of tai chi.

He said: “Tai chi combines coordination with flowing, controlled movements. It was originally developed as a martial art in the 13th century, and it’s now practised around the world for its wellbeing benefits.

“It’s suitable for pretty much anyone, of any age, and requires no specialist equipment so it’s very inclusive. If you’ve never tried tai chi before, the arboretum makes the perfect location.”

Initial classes will be held on Wednesday, 2nd June and Wednesday, 16th June (7.30pm to 8.30pm). Entry is £5 for Tatton Garden Society members and £7.50 for non-members. Spaces are limited, so book quickly by emailing sara@sarawalker.co.uk or message the society’s Facebook page.

The Lovell Quinta Arboretum (lovellquintaarboretum.co.uk) is located in Swettenham, behind the Swettenham Arms.

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