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Conflicting words fall on deaf doggy ears

Dogs have spent 1,000 years communicating with each other perfectly well without the ability to speak as we do. Their ability to read us stems from their understanding of energy and body language, which is flawless.

Your dog will read a minor shift in your mood before you do. They can read your pupil dilation at a glance like a scanner on a barcode. You cannot fool a dog.

Dogs do not need a lot of verbal communication; they are listening to the conversation you are having with yourself. The old saying that dogs can feel your nervousness “through the lead” is true, but they can detect it whether on lead or not simply by your energy level.

Trying to calm a nervous dog doesn’t work unless you are calm, otherwise he will read your lack of confidence and react accordingly.

Much of the language we use on our dogs does in fact fall on deaf ears as they don’t need it. They know what we are thinking. The best way to calm your dog is to stand erect, shoulders back in a relaxed state and say nothing. When you do speak, do so with a whisper, keeping everything quiet.

I can usually calm any dog within a couple of minutes without saying a word. If you stay calm, make sure your lead isn’t tight (just a small amount of slack) and remain silent. You will be surprised at the result.

The key to it is your calmness must be genuine. You cannot fake it, or your dog will know. Just concentrate on something that makes you calm.

So, when you think your dog is ignoring you, he isn’t: he’s just reading a different message than the one coming through your lips.

“Come here at once,” may become, “I bet he’s going to run off,” and if he detects that to be the case, he most likely will.

You can see all this demonstrated in my lessons and learn how to communicate with your dog in a language he/she understands by participating.

You will find full details at vicbarlow.com or you can text me on 07590 560 012.

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