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Drivers fined during road safety operation

More than 20 fines were issued as part of a recent road safety operation in Cheshire.

The three-day operation, which took place earlier this month, saw an unmarked HGV patrolling motorways and main roads across the county to identify any offences being committed by drivers of cars and lorries.

There was a focus on ensuring that commercial hauliers were using roads safely.

In total, 25 fines were issued during the operation, which was held in conjunction with Highways England as part of Operation Tramline, a joint national initiative aimed at changing driver behaviour.

The fines were given to 14 motorists who were not wearing a seat belt, six who were using their mobile phone while driving and five who committed other offences.

Two wanted people were also arrested during the operation.

PC Tom Dale said: “HGVs can be deadly if they are not driven properly.

“While the majority of HGV drivers are extremely professional, sadly there are some who believe that, because their cab is out of other motorists’ views, they can get away with breaking the law and won’t have to face the consequences.

“Our unmarked HGV is a valuable tool, with the elevated view enabling officers to see exactly what is going on inside the cab of every HGV and quickly identify any offences which wouldn’t normally be seen from a patrol car.”

He added: “During the operation, the team identified 25 offending drivers. All of them are facing fines as a result of their actions behind the wheel.

“I hope that the operation acts as a warning to lorry drivers and all other motorists and reiterates the fact that no-one is above the law.”

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