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Garden to open for charities

A Kermincham garden is open to the public on Sunday, 30th May for the National Garden Scheme.

Writing in the latest parish newsletter, owner Tim Foden said that when he moved to Rowley House in 1969, there was a small garden around the house, a neglected orchard and a boggy pond.

In the 70s and 80s, he collected unusual species of trees and most of those can be seen now as mature specimens. However, from the 80s the garden began to be developed but after leaving ERF he started a wholesale nursery and was too busy to do much with the garden.

Once he retired in 2006, he began to take a lot more interest and the garden seen today came into being.

The 20-acre plot is as wildlife friendly as possible, with a large area dedicated to wildflowers, woodland, patches of brambles and nettles and ponds.
The garden itself, apart from the courtyard, wasn’t planned.

Wrote Mr Foden: “I operated by the theory you buy a plant you like or want and then find a place to put it. So the garden is informal with shady walks, lots of herbaceous borders, rhododendrons, Japanese maples, and, you’ve guessed it, trees.

“I have tried to make it a tranquil place where you can wander at will and listen to the wild birdsong – yes, I feed those, too! Just to create added interest there are a number of excellent wood carvings by Andy Burgess, a local artist.”

The garden is open on Sunday, 30th May for the National Garden Scheme, and on Monday, 31st May for Cheshire Wildlife Trust.

Teas and cake will be provided, and all the proceeds from the refreshments will go to St Peter’s Church in Swettenham.

“It’s worth coming just for the cakes!” said Mr Foden.

The garden will be open from 11am to 4.30pm on both days. Admission is £5 (children free). Please take the correct change. Dogs are welcome.

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