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‘Pathetic’ mowing at Biddulph playing fields

A dog walker has dubbed the standard of mowing on Biddulph’s Church Road playing fields “pathetic”.

After workmen trimmed only some of the grass at the site last week, criticism was levelled at the district council for not doing a full job.

The field is popular with children and dog walkers and residents said they fear the length of grass could be dangerous – hiding dog poo and glass.

One dog walker said a worker told him there was not enough time to mow the entire field.

“It is hard to pick up after my dog, the grass is that long,” the 49-year-old resident said.

“The standard of cutting is pathetic, and they are getting paid for this. All the edges have been ignored and half of the field has been missed out. In some parts, it’s like they have flattened the grass rather than cutting it.

“I had a word with the man who was doing it on Thursday (10th), but he didn’t seem interested. I said, ‘You’ve missed half of it’. He said that he didn’t have the time and he had somewhere else to go.

“Kids walk on that grass; there could be glass in it, you just don’t know because it’s so long.”

He added: “This has happened before. Why don’t they do it properly?”
Staffordshire Moorlands District Council contracts the maintenance of the Church Road playing fields to an external company.

The Chronicle asked the authority whether last week’s job had been completed but received no response before deadline yesterday (Wednesday).

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