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Sat navs sending drivers into fields according to petition

Confusing sat navs are leading cars into Lask Edge fields, according to petitioners.

A group of campaigners in the hamlet near Biddulph Moor have called for better road markings at a crossroads they say has seen four accidents in the last three years.

Their petition explained that the junction at Crowborough Road and Lask Edge Road, as well as up towards Blackwood House Lane, lacks adequate signage.

While unable to attend the meeting of Biddulph Town Council last Tuesday, when the petition was received, one objector said in a written statement: “Our land comes onto the crossroad and on one occasion, as I arrived home from work, a car was in our field with my two horses.

“Three of the fields adjacent to the crossroad have also had cars in them.

“Ambulances have attended road traffic accidents in the area on four occasions in the last three years. My concerns are for the safety of my children who travel along the road. On more than one occasion, they have seen cars go straight across the junction.

“Unfortunately, people rely on sat navs but, according to my sat nav, the green line travels straight across the crossroad and does not show that it is a junction.”

The town council’s chief officer, Sarah Haydon said: “The petitioners felt compelled to make this junction safer for road users. They also spoke at Horton Parish Council, where it was suggested that they speak to us.

“Horton Parish Council supported the request to demand that the county council marks the junction with adequate road markings – which would be a stop sign, rather than a give way sign.”

Town councillor Jill Salt is expected to meet County Couns Ian Lawson and Keith Flunder at the crossroads in the near future to examine the problem.

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