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Slazenger South and Mid Cheshire Tennis League

In week two of the Summer League, in Men’s Division One, Congleton A beat Tarporley 8-0, while Alsager lost to Tarporley A 1.5-6.5. In Men’s Two, Congleton B beat Hartford D 8-0.

Men’s Three saw a local derby when Holmes Chapel A travelled to Alsager B and won 5-3, although Congleton D lost 6-2 away to Nantwich B. On Wednesday, Holmes B beat Nantwich C 4.5-3.5. In Men’s Four, Holmes Chapel C lost at home to Audlem 6-2, and Congleton E beat Cuddington D 4.5-3.5. Division Five saw Congleton G lose away to Nantwich D without scoring a point, 8-0.

In the Women’s League, in Division One, Congleton A beat Hartford B away 5.5-2.5; Holmes Chapel beat Hartford C 6-2.

In Division Two, Holmes Chapel B drew 4-4 with Cuddington B, Congleton B beat Nantwich D 7-1.

Division Three saw a home match, Congleton E getting bragging rights over Congleton C 4.5-3.5. Congleton D lost away to Cuddington C 5-3. Alsager B 5 beat Holmes Chapel C 5-3.

In Mixed Division One, both Congleton sides recorded wins. Cuddington B lost 1-7 to Congleton A, while Congleton B beat Hartford B 7.5-0.5. Holmes Chapel A lost 1-7 to Cuddington A.

Division Two saw Alsager B lose narrowly to Holmes Chapel B 4.5-3.5 and Cuddington C lost 6-2 to Congleton C.

Men’s Division One: Cuddington A 7, Hartford C 1; Tarporley 0, Congleton A 8; Hartford A 6.5, Alsager A 1.5; Nantwich Farmers 7.5, Hartford B 0.5.

Men’s Division Two: Cuddington B 6, Wistaston A 2; Hartford E 1.5, Nantwich A 6.5; Congleton B 8, Hartford D 0.

Men’s Division Three: Alsager B 3, Holmes Chapel A 5; Nantwich B 6, Congleton D 2; Cuddington C 7, Winsford 1; Holmes Chapel B 4.5, Nantwich C 3.5.

Men’s Division Four: Holmes Chapel C 2, Audlem 6; Congleton E 4.5, Cuddington D 3.5; Hartford F 1.5, Wistaston B 6.5.

Men’s Division Five: Congleton G 0, Nantwich D 8; Wistaston C 6.5, Cuddington E 1.5; Nantwich E 2, Bunbury 6.

Ladies’ Division One: Hartford B 2.5, Congleton A 5.5; Nantwich B 6, Hartford A 2; Cuddington A 1, Nantwich A 7; Hartford C 2, Holmes Chapel A 6.

Ladies’ Division Two: Holmes Chapel B 4, Cuddington B 4; Congleton B 7, Nantwich D 1; Nantwich C 4, Hartford D 4.

Ladies’ Division Three: Congleton E 4.5 Congleton C 3.5 Congleton D 3 Cuddington C 5 Alsager B 5 Holmes Chapel C 3.

Mixed Division One: Cuddington B 1, Congleton A 7; Holmes Chapel A 1, Cuddington A 7; Hartford A 5.5, Nantwich A 2.5; Congleton B 7.5, Hartford B 0.5.

Mixed Division Two: Alsager B 3.5, Holmes Chapel B 4.5; Congleton D Alsager A Cuddington C 2, Congleton C 6; Nantwich B 5, Cuddington D 3.

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