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Investigation work underway road for that always floods

Work is take place on a rural road which is “always flooded,” following reports from local residents and councillors.

Hill Top in Brown Edge will be visited by officials from the highways team at Staffordshire County Council to investigate the problem.

Earlier in the year during summer, when highways last attended the flood-prone area, it was discovered that a grid had become full of debris from the road due to HGV and larger vehicles using the road, (writes local democracy reporter Jonathan Sutton). The road also dips in the middle, which means that rain water settles if the grids are blocked.

This month a serious incident caused by the flooding occurred, in which a car became stuck. Staffordshire Police closed the road while they attended the accident and notified the highways team about the flooding.

The road, which connects Brown Edge to Biddulph and Knypersley, is constantly flooding according to locals.

Mary Flowers, who lives on Hill Top, said: “I don’t know if much can be done about it anyway. As you go along the road it goes down and round and it’s always flooded there, it’s terrible.”

Coun Joe Porter said that the problem needed to be dealt with because it was “very urgent”.

He said: “It’s a highways issue, it’s been building up for some time. Myself and Brown Edge Parish Council have been reporting the issue for some time.

“My colleague Anthony Bedson deserves a lot of credit because he’s been constantly reporting to highways but it hasn’t been dealt with yet and obviously there was that unfortunate accident up there last week.”

Water gullies under the road have been blamed for the problem but until highways attend the site a collapsed drain cannot be ruled out. A collapsed drain would involve closing the road while the repair work took place, whereas clearing out a blocked gullies would not take as long.

District and county councillor Keith Flunder said he had alerted the highways team to the problem and was trying to get some HGV signs installed, to try and reduce their use of the road.

County Coun Flunder said: “We are trying to reduce the number of trucks and large vehicles that use that road. Hopefully that will help with less of the erosion, less sediment and therefore things should start to work like they used to.”

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