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Three free guides for people who want to walk wildlife corridor

Walkers, birdwatchers and other naturalists are invited to make use of three illustrated free online guides newly published about Sandbach’s nature trails.

These are the Dingle Wood Trail, the Brook Wood to Wheelock Trail and the Sandbach Environment Trail, which includes Sandbach Park.

These three combine to explore the Sandbach wildlife corridor.

All of the guides can be downloaded or printed as booklets from swwg.org for free.

Sandbach Woodland and Wildlife Group editor George Hill said: “I have designed the guides for your smartphone as you walk. Please enjoy your local wildlife and save on travel and fossil fuels.”

The guides are illustrated with coloured maps and award-worthy local photography, as well as watercolour and line drawings that were specially created several years ago by local wildlife illustrator Stella Stilwell.

The group has an active Facebook page. Search for Sandbach Woodland. Progress in the construction of local woodland paths is recorded here, and several other Sandbach groups are linked to their success.

In particular, thanks went to Care4CE, the Cheshire East Employment Opportunities Group led by Phil Mason, which completed the heaviest construction work.

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